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Welcome again guys another post of this blog. After a long time, we back to share something special with you. In today's post we tell you about world's best Adblocker and super fast browser and also it gives you BAT token for using their browser and the most interesting part is you can give this BAT token to your favorite content creator.

So let's begin to our main post. We are very busy in today's life and we don't want to waste our time for just opening a browser and the searching speed. So Brave browser is here the superfast and best-inbuilt Adblocker browser.

Brave is creating to save our time and does not track our browsing history for Ads revenue. Brave has an inbuilt Adblock Feature which block all types of Ads and trackers.

To run our website smoothly we need the money and that's why we show you relevant Ads. But Brave don't love Ads then how we earn ??? There's a good plan for brave users. Brave is a blockchain based. If you are a publisher and if you have a youtube channel or a website then you Signup for Brave publisher program it is completely free. Users who use Brave browser every day will get some free BAT token every month and they paid the token to their favorite content creator so make great content to receive more token from your user.

Brave is the fastest browser in the world even it faster than google chrome. Ads slow down your surfing speed and consume a huge internet.

Most of the browser track your searching history to serve you best relevant Ads but brave don't. Brave Ads program is coming soon for it's users. It helps earn more Rewards to support publishers.

Now Brave running a referral program. If you are a publisher and you verified your account then your referral link is active.

Brave paid its users via uphold so you need an approved uphold account to receive your reward.

Brave is the best browser in the world that has super speed and best adblocker and trackers block experience.

Download Brave for your Android or Your PC.

To download Brave click on this link.

Stay away from Trackers switch on Brave.

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