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Welcome Again guys to our Blog. Today we are going to talk about the world's best secure messaging application for the chat with girlfriend or boyfriend.

In today's life, we are very busy with our own work, We don't have enough time to call our partners so we connect with chat. In chat, we share our personal information, for that case we need to use a highly secure Messaging App. And also we don't want to show our chat to anyone. In today's post, I would give you the proper messaging app for couples and how to use it.

Why Hide Chat?

Today we all use a Smartphone and also use so many application on our smartphone. When we install any application the application gives access your all personal data. We don't read any agreement of that App we just install this and started using this. When we open the third-party App they steal all our personal data from us. When we sent a message, image, video or a piece of music the third-party App steal all the data from us. For that cause, we need a secure messaging App. For the purpose of chat with our partner or our friends, we also share a lot of personal information about our daily life, We don't want that the information going to the public. If anyone easily opens your messaging app they can steal your information from your messaging history. In today we give you a special secret app that allows you to send a secret message and also hide your chat without any threshold.

Best Secure Messaging App for Couples


Hike is a messaging App that allows you to chat with your partner very securely without any threshold. We all use many messaging App to chat with our partner but they all are not secure but Hike is very secure with 128BIT ENCRYPTION, that means hike and any other third party can't read your messages. The best feature I love on Hike is hiding any chat with a password. If you hide any chat with a password unless you no-one can see your chat. This hidden feature is inbuilt to this app.

The Special feature of Hike 

App Theme

In Hike messenger you can change your hike app theme, there are many awesome theme inbuilt on Hike.

App theme makes your chat experience better. You can also use the night mode on the theme. Nowadays night mode is very popular in most of the application so that hike adds night mode to its theme. you can also select auto mode to turn on night mode. And the best part of the theme is you can change the theme with your mood.

Text to Stickers

Text to Stickers is an awesome feature made by Hike Developer. Text to Stickers means when you write any message, the message converts a sticker automatically.

In the above image, you see the message "wassup bro" message convert to a sticker automatically. It's a great feature.

Hidden Chat


I love "Hike" and prefer you to use it because of this only one feature. All the messaging App has an audio call, video call and messaging feature, hike also has but hike has an inbuilt feature which allows its users to hide any chat with password or pattern.

When you open first time its look like this "start chatting". Now click on and let's begin with chatting.

Now chat with your friends with 128-bit secure protection. If you want to hide your chat with a password or a pattern then click on "hike" logo on the app.

Now set your pattern or password and start a hidden chat. To hide any chat long tap on chat and click on "hide chat". When you hide any chat, you can't see the chat in hike screen. To see the hide chat click on "hike" button and enter your password or pattern.

After entering your password you can now see your hide chat on hike chat.

Some special feature of Hidden chat

1. If you minimize hike and reopen it then you can type your password to open hidden chat.
2. Hidden chat messages don't show on the notification. It shows that you have a notification on the hike.

3. If anyone wanted to see your phone when you texting someone on hidden mode simply click on the Home button on your phone. No one can see your hidden chat messages.

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