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Welcome again guys to our blog. Today I'm going to talk about how you can simply hide your images, videos, and many more files. So let's begin to the tutorial.

Why Hide Files and folders

In today we all use an Android Smartphone. Android is worlds best but it has a problem that if we save any files or folders to our storage everyone can see it without any difficulty. We all a privacy in our life and we don't want everyone to see our personal images, videos, and files. In this case, we want to hide our files. It is a very simple process to hide your files.

 Is Third-Party application good for hiding Apps ???

No, Any third-party application is not good for hiding your personal files. All the application hide only apps. and the main problem of third-party apps is they ask much permission and always they try to steal your personal information. If you use any third-party application to hide your files, they also hide your apps, not your selected personal files. If you want to hide your images through a third-party application, the application says you to lock your gallery. Every third-party application only locks an application not hide it. If your parents ask you to open gallery then what you say? So for that cause, you need to use this Android Trick.

Steps To Hide Files and Folders

This is a simple android trick to run this process you don't need a third-party application. So friends let's go to trick.

To Run this trick at first you need an Android phone and a file manager installed on your Android.

Step 1: Open your files.

Step 2: Create a folder with any name you want.


Step 3: Now move your all personal files to this folder.

Step 4: Rename the folder. Add "." before the name of the folder. If the folder name is "Sarvanam" than rename it with ".Sarvanam" and save the change.


Step 5: Your folder and included files are now hidden from your device, Included filed of this folder are not seen anywhere of your device now.

Step 6: If you want to view your file click on "More" or "Settings" button and click on "show hidden files".


Step 7: If you want to hidden again your files click on "More" or "Settings" button and click on "Conceal hidden files"


If you don't want to move your files than rename the specified image, video or song with "."

Thank You for reading the post. If you have any problem regarding this trick comment on below.

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