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We all use Smartphone. Android is very much better than iOS or Windows and Android is popular all over the world.
Every day we all browse Internet on our Android mobile via pre-installed Google Chrome. But when we visit many website and on a specific link, A new link will open with full of Ads. We don't like ads and this website full with virus. We don't want to harm our mobile by virus. So we want to stop this ads but we can't.
Today I tell you how to stop this pop-ups ads on google chrome.

So At first You need a Android Mobile.

Steps to stop Pop-Ups

1. Make sure that you are using the latest version of Android.

2. Make sure that you using the latest version of Google Chrome, if not go to Play Store and update your Google Chrome.

3. Open Google Chrome and click on button at the top of the right corner.

4. Now click on "Settings".

5. Now scroll down the page at end. And click on "Site settings".

6. Now again scroll down the page smoothly and click on "Pop-ups and redirects" button.

7. Now click on the right button and turned it on.

!!! BOOM Your Pop-ups ads are now blocked on Google Chrome.

This Settings only block Pop-ups ads on Google Chrome. If you want to remove all ads Than Read This Post

Thanks For Reading.

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