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Hey guys I know everyone who use Facebook knows how to remove a Tag from a Facebook post. But only those guys who don't know how to remove a tag from a Facebook post. I'm writing this post only for those guys, Soo keep reading.

Facebook Has a great Feature called "TAG". Everyone who is your friend can Tag you on a post or a picture taken with you. When your friend Tag you on a post, The post is available on your Timeline and everyone who is your friend see this post to their Home page. Facebook create this feature for good purpose but everyone use this feature for bad purpose, like get many likes on a bad post.

Remove Tag

Many Facebook user don't like to Tag on a post but his friends Tag him on bad post. Here a Process how You can remove Tag from a Facebook post.

1. Open Facebook on Desktop or your Mobile phone and login to Facebook.

2. Go to your timeline and the post you want to remove Tag yourself.

3. On the post top Right you see a three dot ⋯ click on the three dot.

4. You see the above above buttons on your screen. 

5. Click on "Remove tag" button.

6. If you wanna also report this post click on the checkbox or simply click on "OK" button and you won't be Tag anymore in this post. If you find that this post is spam you can also report this post or message those person to remove this post and not Tag you anymore.

Special Tag Remove Feature

Facebook has a option to select who can Tag you or when anyone Tag you you you can review the before it appears on your Timeline.

I tell about this feature and how you can set this in a another post. keep Follow my blog via Email. Thank You.
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