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Welcome again guys to our blog SARVANAM, So today I'm talk about a great Browser that allows user to block all ads that run on a Website.

What is Add?

Add is a process how we know about this product or service. Every company place add to get some customer from it or customer know about their product.some company place add on website we visit and we don't like ads so we want to remove it.

Why ads Place?

Company place ads on website to know about their product or service. Websites place ads on their site to earn money and run this website smoothly. Ad provider like google search for website with a many unique visitor and place ads on this page and pay for it.

How to Disable Ads? 

Blocking ads on a computer or a laptop is very simple. You have to just download a extension and start blocking ads, But Blocking ads on android is not simple as computer. You don't have any option to block ads on Google Chrome on android.
To block ads you need to download a Browser which has Adblock option. 

1. To block ads go to play store and download Adblock browser for Android 

2. Run this app and setup Adblock feature.

There are many adblocker browser but in mine this is the best for android.

Click Here To download this Adblock app for android.

Thanks for your time to read my blog post.
Best Adblocker Browser For android - 100% WORKING - SARVANAM Best Adblocker Browser For android - 100% WORKING - SARVANAM Reviewed by Chandan Ghosh on 24 August Rating: 5

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